Earn money from your school notes!

Do you have some high school notes you want to share? Knowunity, the #1 study app in Europe, will be launching in the US soon - and we'll pay you for your notes! And you get a chance to win an iPad Air. Start uploading your notes (grades 9-12 only) and earn:

  • $10 once you upload 3 approved notes
  • $2 for each of notes 4 to 10
  • $1 for each note after that


# 1  

5 Million


Students use Knowunity

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 In Education App Charts in 7 Countries


Upload your first piece of content and register.


Wait for your content to be reviewed and watch your credits increase. Everyone who uploads content is automatically entered into the raffle to win an iPad Air.


The more content you upload, the more money wou will receive, and the more you increase your chances of winning the iPad. For each piece of content you will receive: 


3 Easy Steps

Content you can upload:

Study notes/summaries, test prep. material, presentations, past papers... Anything that's helped you study for school, for the grades 9 to 12.


Students love the Knowunity App...

75k students rated Knowunity 4.7/5!

Share your notes on any subject

Help other students, and get paid for it too

Refine and improve your own education

Already have study notes from past tests, classes or study session laying around? It's time they take a new meaning. Share them with your fellow students and start earning money.

Thousands of students will benefit from your study materials. Make an impact with your knowledge and build your own community of learners that like and follow your content.

When you help other students learn, your own understanding will benefit from it too. Knowunity is a community of interactive learners, so don't be surprised when you feel more motivated to study.

Don't take only our word for it...


We thought you'd never ask...


What is Knowunity?

 Knowunity is the most popular study app for high school students in Europe! Founded in 2020, Knowunity soon became the daily learning companion of 5 million students who use our app to give and get help with their classes and study together.

How can I receive my payment? How much can I earn?

You have the choice, we offer a 100% secure payment via PayPal or an Amazon gift card.  There is no limit to how much you can earn. 

How can I help & become a part of this amazing project?

Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @knowunity.us to see what we’re up to and learn more! Or contact us by email at support-us@knowunity.com

What sort of notes can I upload?

You are welcome to upload any notes, presentations, papers, summaries, and anything relevant to school, in PDF format or a photo from your gallery. Please be sure to only upload your own work. See our guidelines for more information. 

You got this. 

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